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Who Had the Best Star Wars Costume Last Weekend in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica Entertainment News – The mythology of “The War of the Galaxy” features Grievous, a terrible villain.

He goes around scourging cities and killing Jedi Knights. He keeps a collection of lightsabers from his victims.

On Saturday night he was personified by Jonathan Vargas, a 21-year-old college student, who won first place in a costume contest at Star Wars Expo 2015, an event which ended yesterday.

It’s a story that reminds Vargas of his childhood. He thanks a friend who helped him make the costume.

Now that the contest is over and he won he can’t help but still be excited.

The cyborg costume was displayed at Lincoln Plaza even before the contest. It was a crowd favorite even then.

The costume was made with recycled materials and took four months to get it just right.

Photo from La Nacion

star wars grievous costume

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