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Where to Watch This Season’s Final Episode of Game of Thrones

Costa Rica Entertainment – Where are you going to be watching the final episode of this season’s Game of Thrones?

Communities of fans around Costa Rica are preparing celebrations for the event with special food, drinks and costumes.

Some businesses have joined in the fun too. Three of the largest meetings will be in El Mercadito bar, The Pub Rock and Hooters restaurant in San Pedro.

These places offer a comfortable environment to witness the show.

In El Mercadito the event will be free and start at 5 pm. It will include a repeat of the last episode and then trivia before the new episode. After that will be a conversation panel between experts.

The normal sound of heavy metal at the Pub Rock will be replaced by the soundtrack of the HBO production. There will be 14 screens showing the episode. A meal and drink is included for the price of ¢10,000.

The event at Hooters will include raffles and contests to demonstrate knowledge of the universe created by George R. R. Martin.

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