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Where to Buy a Live Christmas Tree in Costa Rica & Costs

Costa Rica News – A number of farms have been consulted and it was found that the price of Christmas trees this year will start at ¢7000, or $14.

live christmas trees costa rica 1The trees valued at this price are about 1.5 meters tall, on average.

A larger cypress, about 4 meters tall, can cost up to $160, or ¢80,000. The producers modify the price by height as well as width and shape. Some companies, such as Arboleda González, have around 2,500 trees to chose from. This company is located in El Alto, La Trinidad, Moravia.

The cypress varieties are grown in cold weather at high altitudes. The ones in highest demand are those that measure 1.5 meters. The larger 4 meter ones have been growing for about 3 years with proper maintenance, including fertilization and pruning.

About a kilometer before Corralillo, coming from Cartago, Guillermo Ortiz sells about 4,000 cypress trees. His prices are great because you can buy directly from his Christmas tree farm without an intermediary. Prices start at just $8.

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