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Where is the Gas Tax in Costa Rica Going? Not to Bulding & Maintaining Roads

Costa Rica News – Most of what is paid for gas in Costa Rica is a tax, that part of is supposed to be going to maintaining and building roads in the country. With this study, I am a bit doubtful that it is ending up there.

costa rica roadsThirty years ago, Costa Rica was a leader, an example for the world, of public infrastructure. Somewhere along the way other countries far surpassed it. This year 140 countries were assessed and ranked.

The competitiveness ranking is based on the Global Competitiveness Index by the World Economic Forum. It classifies data collection nationwide across 12 categories, giving a comprehensive picture of the nation’s productivity and competitiveness.

Taken into consideration are institutions, policies, infrastructure, health, education, macroeconomic environment, goods market efficiency, labor market efficiency, financial market, sophistication, innovation and technological level.

Costa Rica ranked 103 in the quality of infrastructure in general. It’s low point is the quality of roads compared to the other countries. It is 125 of 140 for the road quality.

Other low points include infrastructure that is inadequate or problematic for doing business and inefficient government bureaucracy. Take for example the need for a road linking San Carlos and Naranjo. Over 44 years and 21 governments the project has been restarted six times but not finished.

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