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Where Can You Hail a Cab in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica News – When the choice comes down to following the rules or feeding the family, can you blame the taxi drivers for following their intuition over the law?

taxis costa rica 1There are a few authorized taxi stops in the city but staying there means waiting too long and making next to nothing.

So taxi drivers are parking in unauthorized areas such as on the east side of Plaza Víquez and in the bus bay outside of Plaza del Sol. It makes common sense for them to wait for passengers at these locations because they get off a bus and in a taxi daily.

The situation escalates outside many long distance bus stations. Many people arriving from Manuel Antonio, Guanacaste, or Perez are very uncomfortable getting off the bus because they have to dodge aggressive taxi drivers fighting for their business.

While bus stations try to mark areas for taxis and separate ones for buses, there are very few traffic officers to combat the issue. Without their presence people park wherever they want.

The penalty for those taxi drivers caught parked in unauthorized areas is ¢51,000.

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