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When You Have to Build Your Own Street Signs in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – Have you ever thought, “there should be a stop sign here”? Well it seems now that you can build your own in Costa Rica.

Fotografía Marcela Bertozzi

Fotografía Marcela Bertozzi

Following two traffic accidents in Barrio Escalante, 100 meters north and 200 meters east of Fresh Market, on Saturday and Monday, neighbors took safety into their own hands.

Fearing that a serious accident is likely to occur due to a missing stop sign, Cait Bell created one with a wooden board and paint and she tied the homemade “Alto” to the post where the original stop sign is missing, and presumed stolen.

Drivers and motorcyclists agree that the area is particularly dangerous and that accidents are a regular occurrence there. It’s great when citizens take action when the responsible institutions fail the communities.

Authorities claim they were unaware of the missing sign and will assure that it will be replaced. They will send someone to the area to find out who is responsible and take respective measures.

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