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When Will the Costa Rican Waters be Clean?

Costa Rica News – It is time for the Costa Rican government to actually address this problem.  Yes, we all know that Spain has been contracted out to build a sewage treatment plant that should be done in about 2 years…..What about now?

costa rica pollution 1It is seeming more and more like the government does not really give a rats ass about this problem, neither in San Jose nor in the tourist towns at the beach.  I guess they hope the problem will just float away with the rains.

If you have ever beer around the “rivers” that flow through San Jose, you will be disgusted.  Raw sewage flows from many houses right into the rivers. Not to mention the garbage that is tossed in in the water that includes tires, batteries, furniture, plastic bags, and so much more.  During rainy season these rivers will fill up and take this garbage to the oceans. Who has to fix this problem if the Costa Rican government and its entities continue to ignore it?

While the rivers flowing through San Jose continue to have carcinogens dumped in them, another problem has already begun in Quepos. The system for waste water treatment in the “American Zone” of Quepos on the central Pacific can not handle the amount of sewage being produced.

The result is an odor of an unclean bathroom in the area and has produced some fecal water and on the beach. Yummy, let going swimming in a toilet.

A Health Ministry report draws shows severe fecal contamination in this area.costa rica pollution 2

Among other findings, is the lack of an adequate sewage pipeline and actual pipe failure. This situation has become a haven for mosquitoes and foul odors in a Costa Rica tourist destination.

The “American Zone” is surrounded by nature, and was declared a natural heritage site for Costa Rica both historic and architectural.

According to studies by soil specialists the soil in that area is not suitable for the installation of septic tank systems.

This must have been extremely pleasant for the World Sportsfishing Tournament held over the past few days.

I ask you Costa Rican Government, what do you care about? Is it just reelection? Every time there is a problem instead of fixing it you throw money at an image campaign instead of addressing and fixing the issues.

Mrs. Chinchilla don’t you think the money you are spending for your “improve you image” campaign would be better spent somewhere else? On something that actually benefits the country?

The people are tired of the lies and the money thrown at false ICT  campaigns and image improvement campaigns. We see through the smoke and mirrors and it is time for change!!!!!



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  1. Tilaran said:

    CR killed the goose with the golden eggs. it cried DEVELOPMENT and then pissed all the money way.

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