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When To Plan a Costa Rica Bachelor Party

Costa Rica Bachelor Parties – One of Costa Rica’s beautiful secrets is a company known as Pura Vida Bachelor Parties. The owners moved from the States and settled near Jaco, Costa Rica, specifically in Hermosa Beach. They call it a surfer’s paradise. They have hosted some of the best bachelor parties for guys coming down from the U.S.

costa rica bachelor party planningOne of their frequently asked questions is about when to schedule the party. People often worry that the months before their wedding fall in the “rainy season.” At Pura Vida Bachelor Parties, they call the rainy season the “green season.” That’s because it only rains about 2 hours per day, in the late afternoon. This rain makes the landscape incredibly tropical and green.

Don’t worry about avoiding the months of June through October. It’s likely that you will get sunburned in the rainy season. You can lay on the sunny beach during the morning and the afternoon. By the time the rain kicks in you will want to be relaxing in your rental home or eating dinner, anyway.

You can still surf all day and take part in almost any activity that you would during the dry season. The rain is usually only from 4-6 pm.

The only thing they know of that’s not advisable during these months is white water rafting, because the rivers get crazy. You can still zipline, hike, and ride ATVs. You can still party all night without being in the rain.

If you want Pura Vida Bachelor Parties to plan your get away to Costa Rica visit their website here.

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