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When European Immigrants in Costa Rica Have Children Beg

Costa Rica News – A Polish couple has been using their daughters to beg in Guanacaste.

The girls are a year and three months and three years old. For over a month, the girls have been outside, even in heavy downpours and strong sun, asking for money to return home.

People contributed significant sums and even offered housing but the situation continued. PANI and the Ministry of Migration were told of the situation and a warning was given to the parents.

Reports indicate that the begging continued and they were seen drinking water from puddles.

The youngest had infrequent diaper changes. Both suffered sun damage to the skin from the excessive exposure.

PANI, along with the Public Force, picked the girls up on June 19th, from a park in Liberia. Both were found to have anemia and colitis. The older one, accustomed to defecating in parks, now goes outside of the shelter to do so.

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