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What You Need to Know About Using a Costa Rica Educated Lawyer or Doctor

Costa Rica News – Are you thinking about hiring a lawyer or doctor educated in Costa Rica? You might want to make sure you are hiring one of the few that have the knowledge to practice in their fields.

uneducated graduateA study consisting of 50 questions found that 7/10 law degree graduates were unable to do well on a test designed to measure knowledge of the basic concepts in law for joining the Bar Association.

1,126 law graduates took the evaluation and just 338 passed it with the minimum passing score of 80 percent. Over half of the participants scored between 50 and 68 points.

How is it possible that so many have graduated law school without mastering the basics? What affect does this create on our legal system’s fairness? The judicial power is in their hands.

The main reason for Bar suspensions in 2014 was ignorance of the law and aspects of hearings.

This failure in basic skills testing also happens in the medical field, unfortunately. 75% of 2,045 general doctors failed a similar exam.

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