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What Will Costa Rica Do With Single Use Plastic?

Costa Rica News – Costa Rica is seeking alternatives to the wasteful single use plastic. The effort involves public institutions, municipalities and businesses.

The Ministries of Environment and Health are committed to offering options that are renewable, compostable and quickly degraded.

The ministries and the United Nations Development Program will launch their strategy today. They expect that by 2021, 80% of public institutions, municipalities and businesses will have replaced their packaging materials with options that have a lower environmental impact.

4,000 tons of waste are generated daily in the country. 11% are plastics that are inadequately disposed of and end up in rivers and streams that drag them to the coasts when they should have been recycled.

We are endangering our aquatic resources for products that are used just for a few minutes, like straws. Some businesses use cardboard straws which degrade faster.

There is hope that there will be a seal allowing us to identify institutions that join the effort.

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