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What to Know About Turtle Egg Poaching & Selling in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – Although I will never buy turtle eggs be it legal or illegal, there is a a multitude of information that the public should know about this trade in Costa Rica.  At the end of September this year there were “arribadas”. This is when a  vast number of turtles come ashore and nest; females nest every year, once or twice in a season, laying approximately 100 eggs each.

olive ridley turtles costa rica arribadaIn order to protect natural resources some of the eggs are legally taken and sold.

September 26th marked the arrival of the amazing olive ridley turtles at the National Wildlife Refuge Ostional (RNVSO). The park rangers are asking that all citizens and visitors cooperate in protecting these creatures that grace our beaches.

Specifically, they would like us to pay attention to our consumer decisions when it comes to buying turtle eggs. Only purchase from authorized dealers to help in the effort to control illegal trade and transport.

Any person allowed to sell the eggs will have a valid ID cards from both Incopesca and ADIO. Any business that is selling them legitimately will have documentation that can prove its origin and legality. They will be packaged and sealed. They will have labels on bags of 200 or a dozen that say dates of the “arribadas” – Sept 27, 28, 29 or 30, only.

Any other dates may be a sign of something illegal.

If anyone or business selling them doesn’t have the documentation required, it will be assumed by authorities that they are operating illegally. They will face fines and/or imprisonment. Remember that responsible consumption contributes to protected natural resources.

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