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What to Know About Marriage in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – So many people are picking Costa Rica as a place to say their vows and get married.  This could be the couple that sees Costa Rica as the perfect place to have their destination wedding on one of Costa Rica’s beaches.  This could also be for that 50 to 60 year old guy looking to marry his 20 year old Tica arm candy…….for love. 

getting married in costa ricaIf you picture getting married in Costa Rica as an easy task such as showing up at a city court and signing a paper, think again. Marriage laws are strict and even the archaic ones are followed to the letter.

You will need to send your passport copies and info such as your place of birth, profession, and other personal details at least a month in advance to the wedding coordinator of your choice.

If you are a woman who has been married before you must wait 300 days after the divorce or death of your spouse to ensure that you are not pregnant with his child. If you wish to side-step this archaic law you will need multiple pregnancy tests and official signatures of various doctors.

2 witnesses will need to be there and these cannot be relatives, not even half-siblings or nephews! You can always invite a couple of strangers if you don’t plan on inviting friends to your destination wedding.

It takes three months to process the paperwork so that you can prove your marriage in your home country. For a fee this can be expedited.

Enjoy your beautiful wedding. Carry tropical flowers, take photos in front of a beach sunset, make it a day to remember!

By Kerry La

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