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What to Do on a Costa Rica Vacation

In recent years, Costa Rica has become well know as a popular destination for summer holidays. With its warm weather and sparkling beaches, Costa Rica has a lot to offer visitors. Travellers will be pleased to discover that the “Rich Coast” offers even more activities.

Arenal Volcano

One of the world’s most active volcanoes, Arenal is more than 5,000 feet high and is prized for its symmetrical shape. Guests can visit the Arenal Observatory Lodge for the best view of the volcano which can often be shrouded in thick fog. To access the volcano, travel to its base village of Fortuna which is near San Jose. There are also a variety of tours that can be taken from the lodge. The park is open daily from 8 am to 6 pm.

Croc’s Resort and Casino

For those who enjoy gambling, one of the best casinos is Croc’s Resort and Casino. The casino is the first Las Vegas Style Casino to be built in Costa Rica. A modern casino, there are over 150 slot machines as well as gaming table.  Located in sunny Jaco Beach, this casino is also part of a larger resort offering other activities.

Gold Coast

This region is quite unique and offers more than just its sparkling secluded beaches. Its dry, sunny savannas are a marked contrast to the rainforests that cover other parts of the country. The coast is dotted with small fishing villages. The Playa Carrillo Beach is an excellent choice from the many beaches with its white sand and graceful palm trees. Also, with in close proximity is the Santa Rosa National Park that has been deemed a heritage site to commemorate the 1856 Battle of Santa Rosa, one of the most important battles in Costa Rican history.

With such a wide range of activities, it is easy to see why Costa Rica is one of the world’s top vacation destinations.

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