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What Is Your Costa Rica University Diploma Worth?

Costa Rica News – Getting an education in my opinion is a top priority in anyone’s life.  The knowledge you gain from attending an accredited university is invaluable. But what are you getting if you attend most universities in Costa Rica?

Did you know 70% of Costa Rica’s universities are not included in the National Accreditation System of Higher Education (Sinaes)? That’s 44 schools that are training students but not giving them a competitive diploma.

The country is slowly developing a sense of the need for quality control in higher education.  Sinaes is the only agency in the country that can certify that a school’s curriculum, faculty and infrastructure meet high standards of excellence.

The National Technical University has plans to join Sinaes. Many private universities are not the least bit interested in joining, mainly because they disagree with the monopoly accrediting schools and prefer to self evaluate.

Students who graduate from accredited programs often have priority when it comes to getting a job, in the public sector at least.

Although it might benefit schools to become accredited, some just don’t have the money to go through the process, which starts at $9,000.

Schools Without Accreditation




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