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What is the Truth Behind the Scandal in Brazil in Relation to Costa Rica?

Costa Rica News – The Brazilian police seized a document that is bringing some high profile Costa Ricans into question. The document relates to the parastatal Petrobrás oil company scandal, the biggest scandal in Brazil since the Workers Party took power in 2003.

corruptionThe letter obtained has gone to the local newspaper. Although there are not many details, the names of Johnny Araya and President Luis Guillermo Solís appear in relation to the failed San José-San Ramón road expansion project tied to Petrobrás and the company OAS.

The investigation has already led to the arrest of 36 people involved in corruption or inflated contracts.

Both Solís and Araya yesterday denied any link with Petrobrás and OAS.

“Any hint that relates to the President of the Republic, as a presidential candidate, with this information is refuted,” according to a press release from the Citizen Action Party (PAC).

They added that PAC did not receive any donations that could raise suspicion, as they only accept donations from those registered with the Supreme Electoral Tribunal.

Araya reminded us that he was actually a critic of the road expansion project. He said, “I can not explain it. I am very surprised that my name is mentioned…there is no reason that my name would appear.”

His name appears misspelled, in the following manner: “Solución Johni Araia 5 x 35 = US 1.750”

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