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What is the Best Coffee in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica News – Costa Rica is known for its coffee, but what plantation delivers the best tasting cup of joe?

best Costa-Rica-coffee 1The Monte Llano Bonito Farm of Naranjo, in Alajuela, produces the very best coffee in the country and received the Cup of Excellence award over the 20 other coffees that scored over an 86% in a contest.

This international coffee tasting, the Cup of Excellence, occurred yesterday at the Wyndham San Jose Herradura.

The contest is held in other countries, as well, by the Alliance for Coffee Excellence.

The head judge, Keishin Haneda, from Ponponcofee Japan, tasted 44 samples in total and scored each one. 22 international judges also helped get the selection down to the best of the best.

Francisco Mena Vilchez, owner of the farm that won, is proud of his 93.4 score.

In addition to the satisfaction of the title, he can now expect the immediate reward of a higher price for his coffee.

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