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What Are The Online Movie Streaming Services in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica Entertainment – Costa Ricans and expats alike now enjoy a whole variety of streaming services. Here’s a review of the television and film streaming services officially available in the country.

Crackle is the newest, entering the country just this week through an ad on to the Tigo cable service.

Netflix has been around since 2011. It has 90 million subscribers and tons of original productions that have won awards. It can be viewed on TVs, computers, cell phones and gaming systems. Subscriptions start at $8 a month. There’s also a free 30 day trial.

Amazon Prime Video is available in the country but with only a fraction of its normal catalog because Amazon does not have the rights to transmit many productions in the region. It doesn’t seem worth the $7 a month charge but see for yourself with a 7 day trial.

HBO Go is a threat to Netflix and it’s best known for the popular Game of Thrones, whose new season will be released this Sunday. The subscription is $10. Check it out with the 30 day trial.

CrunchyRoll is best for anime lovers. It includes subtitles in English and Spanish and costs just $5. There’s a 14 day trial.

Fox Play has a bunch of series that Netflix lost the rights to. It’s only available alongside a cable subscription.

Twitch is dedicated to the public gamer and includes video game guides and electonic sports competitions. The best part is its free.


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