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What Are Some Characteristics of Ticos?

Costa Rica News – There are many stereotypes of every culture.  Just like many Costa Ricans think that all gringos have money there are some characteristics of Costa Ricans that are also very common.  We decided to stay as positive as we could on this……

costa-rican characteristicsCosta Rican’s are almost unanimously hospitable. It’s one of the stereotypes that is both positive and true. It’s one of my favorite aspects of this culture. You will often notice a polite distance, ever present concern, and attitude of service from Ticos.

Most Ticos believe it is essential to always behave well in public and make a good impression. Another thing they value is their homes. They spend a lot of time at home with family or guests and take care of them well. Homes are cleaned multiple times daily.

Family events are crucial to most Ticos. They will invite extended family to every simple outing from food shopping to a weekend picnic in the park. Grown kids almost always live with their families until marriage unless they are studying far away. It is not uncommon to see 30 year old people living in their parents’ home.

There is a certain pride associated with Ticos being well educated. Of course, no one knows the answer to every question but Ticos will give you an answer even if they don’t know it. They will make up directions, for example, to avoid losing face or feeling uneducated. While Ticos are hard on themselves they don’t appreciate criticism from foreigners. Be polite!

If something goes wrong they will often have an attitude of “it will be fixed tomorrow.” They shrug their shoulders and the stress is gone. We can all learn from that! Since they don’t hold on to stress they have more energy for getting to know people, which is something they highly value. Even after just one casual meeting you will feel you have made a friend and a connection. Business cards are often exchanged as a sign of camaraderie and trust. Near strangers are, at times, invited to parties.

By Kerry La

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