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Whale Watching Off Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula

Costa Rica Travel News – The shallow warm waters around Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica’s southern zone form the perfect ecosystem for an enormous diversity of marine life. Drake Bay on the northern edge of Osa is exceptional with more than 25 species of whales and dolphins commonly seen by travelers visiting the region.

humpback-osaThe Osa Peninsula is considered one of the best places in the world for an up close and personal experience with the majestic humpback whale and these giants can be seen throughout the year. A northern migration of humpback whales moves down from the California to give birth to calves in the winter months. At the same time there is another migration of Humpbacks that move north away from the falling Antarctic water temperatures. This northern and southern migration is why Drake Bay is home to the longest humpback whale season in the world! Whales can be spotted year round in Drake Bay except during May with a peak season is in late August.

Mother whales and calves are spotted very frequently during peak migration and you will often see three whales or more frolicking so close that they can be seen from shore. There is also phenomenal numbers of Spotted dolphins, Roughtooth Dolphins, Bottlenose Dolphins, and even Orcas, Whale Sharks, Pilot Whales, and Beaked Whales to be seen.

While the north and south humpback migrations spend a combined eight months in Costa Rican waters, Pilot whales live throughout the region and Sperm whales can be seen through August and December. Whale watching tours can run $75 to $100 per person depending on the size of the boat.

Getting to Drake Bay is its own adventure. Drake Bay has is a small airport with direct 45 minute flights to and from San José as well as other regions. You can take a boat taxi from Sierpe which is 9.3 mi (15 km) south of Palmar Sur. The two plus hour trip down the Sierpe river is where Sir Francis Drake himself guided his vessel – you will feel you are entering a unique and hidden world, and you are, one of the most bio dense regions on Earth.

Once you reach your destination, you will find a good selection of hotels in Drake Bay that take pride in being part of the most eco-conscious region in Costa Rica, a country that top most lists as the world’s premier eco-destination. You will have a selection of whale tours to choose from as well as land based activities. Cano island tour, Corcovado canopy tours, jungle night tours and river tubing are just a few of the adventure activities to choose from.

If eco adventure is on your vacation must-do list, take the quest to one of Costa Rica’s most remote and eco-rich locations — discover the hidden world of Drake Bay on the Osa.

Terrance Johnson

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