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Welcome to Modern Day Costa Rica; ICE App to Report Problems

Costa Rica News – ICE is catching up with the world. They’ve just created their first application for smart phones. This app is designed so that ICE subscribers can have an easy way to report network problems.

ICE Electrcidad AppThey’ll also be able to get info on both failures and planned outages. The app is called ICE Electricity and is on the market already. It’s free to download on iOS and Android systems. There are plans to include a bill check feature shortly.

Network breakdowns, planned suspensions and other announcements will be sent out depending on where the device is located. This feature will be in combination with Google Maps.

Ideally, paper bills will be diminished with the use of this app, thus helping to save the environment. You can already access bills by text or email, but by app would be convenient, too. Still, 50% of the customers live in rural areas without internet connection, so paper bills will be around for a while longer.

Now all you have to hope is that your phone which will be hooked up to their network works during the outages so you can get this information and report a problem…… but it is a step in the right direction.

If you want the app download it here

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