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Welcome to Costa Rica’s Paradise for Stray Dogs; Territorio de Zaguates

Costa Rica News – A Costa Rican dog rescue ranch gained some attention after a man shared photos of hundreds of rescue dogs running free in an open field.

Territorio de Zaguates 1The photo shared by Andrew George on Facebook shows off Territorio de Zaguates or The Land of Stray Dogs a rescue facility in Costa Rica allows its more then 900 animals to run freely throughout the property during the day.

Territorio de Zaguates is a nonprofit, no-kill shelter founded by Lya Battle and Alvaro Saumet eight years ago “to promote animal welfare and respect.”

“This free range sanctuary explores how a free range environment improves health and adoptability,” George wrote of the facility.

They also employ a practice of giving each dog a name and a unique breed name specific to each animal, in addition to other commodities.

“They are given fresh flowing water intermittently over the whole property and are given a bed in a sheltered structure where volunteers go to feed and bathe the dogs,” George wrote.

The shelter also regularly shares photos and videos of the massive hoards of dogs to their own Facebook page, showing the dogs drinking from an inflatable swimming pool or playing with cardboard.

By Daniel Uria, UPI

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