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Welcome Costa Rica’s New Mural in San Jose

Costa Rica News – A city without art is one without soul, it’s been said. San Jose has welcomed a new giant piece of art, a mural of 400 square meters in the facade of the Hotel Presidente, on Avenida Central.

It was unveiled on the 3rd with Mayor Johnny Araya, the artist, Sergio Guillen, and a representative of the collective San Jose Lab, which was in charge of coordinating the grand project from start to finish.

The mural features a hidden cat. It invites passers-by to get out of the city rut and play a game.

It will have an activating effect, likely leading other building owners to do similar projects.

The project proposal was chosen by a jury of 11 members including cultural managers, curators and journalists.

The artist was glad his work moved from the paper to the wall.

The director of San Jose Lab thanked the mayor for his understanding that the city needs art.

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