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Water Management in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – Water management in Costa Rica is very sporadic.

water costa rica 1It’s not that no one tries, just that so many organizations are taking on part of the responsibility without coordinating one effort with the other.

Additionally, the groups that care are focused on only specific communities, not the country as a whole. AyA, ICE, Senara, MINAE and others care but speak different languages, it seems. They duplicate efforts and leave entire regions untouched.

The lack of cohesion and integration is not the only problem. There should be data collected and analyzed on a national level. We have not adequately studied the behavior of basins nor do we even know how much water we have in the country.

There should be laws regarding how to prepare for droughts and floods. The Water Act of 1942 must be amended. It is under discussion in the Legislative Assembly.

Hopefully they will come up with a plan to manage water and data about the water in a comprehensive way.

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