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Watch Video Jailed Man Punches Himself 45 Times Then Accuses Cops of Assault

World News – if you are going to say that you were beaten by police you might want to make sure the cameras are not rolling when you start punching yourself.

man punches himself in jailFile this one under “dumbest criminal ever.”

A California man accused Oregon police of beating him up at the Lane County Sheriff’s Office on January 9, but surveillance footage told a different story.

Aleksander Robin Tomaszewski, 33, said that during an interview regarding an unrelated case that’s under investigation, he was assaulted by detectives.

Showing a pair of black eyes and multiple bruises on his face, Tomaszewski signed an incident report and repeatedly stated that he wanted to press charges against the officers.

The only problem with his story was that surveillance cameras were rolling.

The camera outside Tomaszewski’s holding cell captured him punching himself in the face a total of 45 times over the course of four minutes.

Cops confronted Tomaszewski with the video and that’s when he admitted that he thought his plan would get him released from jail.

Tomaszewski was charged with initiating a false report and attempted coercion. He was found guilty last week and was sentenced to 20 days in jail and fined $500.

Watch footage of the jail fail below.


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