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Watch Out for The Parking Police in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – Transit Police in Costa Rica now have the power to fine drivers for bad parking, even if they are not near the car.

Tickets will be left on the windshields.

This infraction now has a fine of ¢51,316.

This was formalized on Monday but will take a few more days to be enforced, as updates are needed to the devices that produce the tickets. It’s one of 19 changes to the traffic law.

Drivers who park on boulevards, in yellow areas, in front of bus stops, in cycle lanes or on sidewalks can expect to be ticketed.

Another change is that there will be a fine of ¢306,850 and six points on the license for those who refuse to take an alcohol test.

Sanctions related to noise control of motor vehicles will be implemented shortly after the government publishes the relevant regulations.

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