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Watch Out For Poor Gas Cylinders in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – if you are going out there and trying to find a used gas cylinder for your home in Costa Rica, you need to be careful.

gas tank costa rica 1Aresep, the regulative authority for energy and public services, confiscated 2,500 gas cylinders found to be in poor condition. Aresep visited a total of nine bottling plants in Costa Rica.

Not one of the cylinders they reviewed for quality passed the test. They are dangerous to use so they must be destroyed if they fail to pass the test and can not be recalibrated. This is in accordance with a new regulation.

The new rules are more rigorous and intended to verify the quality and safety of gas cylinders and assure their adequate destruction if found to be unsafe. The goal is to provide safe, quality public services.

According to an Aresep report, 60% of portable cylinders had at least one defect such as a leak or corrosion. Aresep detected thousands of gas cylinders in poor condition that were ready for sale.

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