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Watch Out For Exchange Rates When Dining Out in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Living – Posted on the Facebook page of the “Infierno de Costa Rica” is a restaurant bill that exemplifies the potential raping of tourists when in Costa Rjca if they do not pay to close attention and bring their calculator.

Notice the exchange rate and the date on the bill.10407077_10152964094604826_7545188036925092018_n

Although the majority of the comments on the post refer to the price of the meal, of the all the comments I was the only one to point this out, this because most of us in Costa Rica use colones to pay the bill.

But what about the foreigner, mostly North Americans, that visit our country and prefer to pay in dollars?

The exchange dollar exchange rate on December 31, 2014, was hovering at ¢545 colones to one US dollar. But this restaurant decided that ¢480 is their exchange rate.

Do the math. ¢79.950 colones at ¢545 is US$146.

The amount in dollars that is being asked for this meal is US$20 more.

Shame, shame.

Please, when you are out dining and decide to pay in dollars, check the bill, do the math.

A few colones below the posted exchange rate is acceptable, but not ¢65 as in this case.


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