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Watch Amazing Footage of the Turrialba Volcano Erupting in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – The Turrialba Volcano in Costa Rica is erupting about once every hour, so there is a good chance if you pay it a visit and watch for an hour or so you can experience this in person.

There is one problem the Turrialba Volcano National Park has been shut since 2009 due to the increased activity at the site for safety reasons.

But you can take a peek at one of the latest in a series of eruptions at the volcano in Costa Rica.

Officials said the eruption occurred at 8.27am (local time) and it is pretty exciting to watch…..but would not want to be too close to an active volcano.

Significant emissions have been reported at the volcano in recent years but magma has rarely been observed at Turrialba’s crater.

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