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Wasting Water in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – Thank goodness for rainy season as the water usage stats in Costa Rica are dumbfounding. 

costa rica waterThe number seems crazy, but a typical Costa Rican family of five spends 405 liters of water to wash the daily dishes. The total water usage for a home of five is on average 24,000 liters monthly, or 1,200 of the 20-liter barrels of water kept in offices.

A household normally uses 7,000 liters for laundry, 6,700 for toilets and 4,500 for showers. AyA has made a passionate appeal to the entire nation to help in conserving water.

Aside from saving on your personal monthly water bill, you will be helping the country, which is in a state of urgent need. There is a rainfall deficit this year of between 50 and 75 percent depending on the area of the country.

Try to create new habits of efficiency, for example, shutting the water off while scrubbing dishes and turning it on just to rinse them.

Another way to help is to check your home for leaks that can be fixed.

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