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Washington Zoo Panda Gives Birth

Well I know that this is not really the most important news in the world but I like Panda Bears. They are cute.  So if there is ever a way I can do a panda article then it will be done.  

A panda ceded to the U.S. by China gave birth to a calf in the National Zoo , which is unusual in this species when in captivity.

Mei Xiang , named the panda mother, “is cradling her puppy closely, even when it seems very tired,” Murray said in a statement.

“But every time I try to sleep, the baby crying, so he gets up and cradles her even more closely. It is a model example of the perfect mother panda “, she said.

Zoo officials reported only one offspring, sex undetermined, but in the course of today, they will know if another panda on the way.

The mother and the new panda breeding are permanently observed through a camera.

In July 2005, Mei Xiang gave birth to another panda after being inseminated with sperm from Tian-Tian, another panda at the zoo in Washington.

Pandas are an endangered species, there are only 1,600 copies released in China, and about 300 in captivity in the world.

It is difficult for pandas to reproduce in captivity , as the history of Bao Bao: the oldest male panda in the world who died in late August at the zoo in Berlin, at age 34, and childless despite the many mates that were submitted since his arrival in 1980.

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