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Want to Trade Something? A Barter Website for Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – Do you have something you don’t need and want something you don’t have? Almost everyone has something they would like to trade and soon there will be an easy way to do so.

barter website costa ricaEight Costa Ricans came up with an app called “Su Canje” in which people can exchange electronics, event tickets, books, plants, beauty products, vacations, and even professional services.

Someone who knows how to make websites or logos, for example, might exchange some time at a vacation home for the service.

Someone wanting to trade skates for a bike or a gaming system can do so. The options are limitless.

The platform is simple and free to use. You can sign up using your email or Facebook and enter a description and photo of what you would like to trade.

Then look for items you would like to obtain.

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