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Want the #1 Banana in the World? Come to Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – I was sitting there on my back porch listening to the howler monkeys in the distance when I had an urge to get a banana.  The entire time I was eating it I kept thinking to myself wow is this good……. my thoughts have been validated.

costa rica bananasThe European Union-Central America partnership considers Costa Rican bananas the best in the world, as the Costa Rican banana industry carries out a sustainable production process, with a focus on social and environmental aspects.

Furthermore, the Geographical Indication (GI) Banano de Costa Rica is a quality label that identifies the origin and prestige of the fruit.

“The Geographical Indication Banano de Costa Rica is a tool that strengthens the fruit’s competitiveness, differentiating Costa Rican fruit in its quest to achieve consumer recognition for the social and environmental efforts made by the national banana industry,” stated Jorge Sauma, general manager of the National Banana Corporation.

Costa Rica is the only banana exporting country awarded with such a distinction.

From Fresh Plaza, Edited by Dan Stevens

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