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Walmart Costa Rica Shuts Down Recycling Program

Costa Rica News – As most of us know recycling is a concept that most Costa Ricans do not really comprehend.  

walmart recycling costa rica 1Because of this, during the current month, Walmart is closing its recycling centers.

Although it was a positive program and was forward thinking on the part of the company . The number of people that misused the program was very high.

The centers accepted plastic, paper, cardboard, glass, Tetra Pak and electronic waste.

People often threw out regular garbage, or non-reusable waste, in places clearly marked for only clean recyclables.

The smell became unbearable in some of the six recycling centers.

Another primary reason for the shutdown, which will occur on the 30th, is the decline in the price of recycled materials.

Those who remove the waste, as well as those coming to recycle, complained of low payments. The sharp drop in oil prices negatively affected the competitiveness of recycled materials.

Lastly, the centers were little known among the public and there was little demand for them.

Perhaps as the landfills continue to fill up in Costa Rica there might be a change of opinion, but as we know with the Costa Rican government it takes a crisis to thwart change.

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