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“Waiting for Godot” Comes to Costa Rica’s 1887 Theater

Costa Rica Entertainment News – The play Waiting for Godot, by Samuel Beckett, had a short but quite successful run at Costa Rica’s National Theater.

waiting-for-godot costa ricaIt was directed by Luis Fernando Gomez and enjoyed by over 1,000 spectators.

It will be presented again, this time at the 1887 Theater of the National Cultural Center. The play is put on by the Crono group and stars Rodrigo Duran and Oscar Castillo as protagonists.

It was written in the late ‘40s by an Irish playwright and was seen as revolutionary and contemporary. It has an existentialist style mixed with some humor.

They’ll perform from Thursday to Sunday.

The shows will start at 8 pm each night and the ticket cost is ¢5,000 for general admission and ¢2,500 for students.

There will also be a special event for students to meet the actors on Wednesday night if they call 8835-2983 for an appointment.

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