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Volunteers Cleaning the Beaches of Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – Costa Rica has volunteers to thank for clean beaches because it is them who remove debris from river banks and beaches.

beach clean up costa rica 146 tons of waste are collected annually by volunteers.

Much of the waste is recyclable plastic. On some beaches the volunteers found 2,500 bottles per kilometer. Other items found include toys, hats, bags, straws, packaging and more.

These materials can take between 100 and 1000 years to degrade. Even when they break down to tiny particles they are ingested by fish. They pollute the marine and coastal ecosystems which in turn impacts fisheries, food cost, tourism, and the health of entire communities.

Surprisingly, 80% of the garbage affecting the coasts is generated in the Central Valley.

The rivers drag the garbage to the sea. We need to be careful in the city to not leave garbage on empty lots, near rivers, or in the streets.

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