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Visiting Costa Rica’s Buenos Aires Waterfall

Costa Rica Travel – Enjoying this tourists photographic visit to Costa Rica’s Buenos Aires waterfall.

The Traveler: June Fahey-Grimm of Glencoe, Minn.

The scene: The Buenos Aires waterfall gushes down the wall of a rain forest canyon in Costa Rica’s Rincón de la Vieja National Park. This shows “Mother Nature at its best — rock, moss, aqua-blue water, brilliant green vegetation and serene — like you were all alone enjoying an undiscovered jewel,” Fahey-Grimm wrote in an e-mail.

The destination: The photographer and her husband encountered the waterfall during a four-hour “Sensoria Land of Senses” walking tour of the national park, with Guanacaste Tours. The tour brought them to natural pools, bright blue waterfalls and a volcanic thermal pool. It also helped them fall for Costa Rica. “What did I like about Costa Rica?” Fahey-Grimm wrote. “Everything: The people were friendly, gracious hosts, and everything was well organized. Waking up to Costa Rica’s version of an alarm clock — howling monkeys outside our room. The volcanic countryside to the sandy beaches with rock caves and cliff overlooks. … Let’s just say, my husband would prefer to sit in his boat and fish on a Minnesota lake, but he said he would definitely go back to Costa Rica, and that is saying a mouthful.”

The equipment: Fahey-Grimm captured the scene with her Canon EOS Rebel T5, equipped with a 75-300mm zoom lens.

From the Star Tribune

buenos aires waterfall costa rica

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