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Video Shows Asiana 214 Crash (Raw Footage)

World News – Stunning brand new video reveals the awful crash of an Asiana Airlines Boeing 777 which rammed right into a seawall then cartwheeled all the way down the runway the previous summer within San Francisco Bay Area airport.

The National Transportation Safety Board published the video clip, recovered from the surveillance camera at the flight terminal, during the hearing Wednesday regarding the July 6 accident, that killed 3 individuals as well as injured in excess of two hundred other individuals.

The 27-second video clip reveals Asiana Flight 214 descending having its tail way too low. It could then be observed striking the seawall as well as slamming in to the land prior to somersaulting to a smoky sleep.

Video Asiana 214 Crash

The NTSB additionally stated that the pilot, Lee Kang Kuk, 46, had been asked more than once by the FBI whether or not the accident had been a terrorist event. The response, as per the examination, is no — rather, he had been merely uneasy about landing the jumbo jet the very first time at the San Francisco Bay Area flight terminal.

Asiana-Airlines-Plane-Crash Video 1Lee informed investigators he had been “extremely concerned” with regards to attempting a visual landing minus the runway’s automated guide slope instrumental aids, that were out of commission due to construction.

“He said it was very stressful, very difficult to perform a visual approach with a heavy airplane, always,” the NTSB said. “From the planning phase it was very stressful because the glide slope was very, very helpful to making an approach.”

Lee stated there had been no one overriding technical factor — every part of the landing “was stressful, because it was very busy and the controllers were very busy and spoke quickly.”

Researchers claimed Lee — who had been trained by a a lot more experienced 777 airplane pilot — additionally experienced pressure to not inform his own training pilot he wished to abort the landing simply because Korean culture would not have permitted him to share, although he had been cautioned that he was descending too sharply and at too low a speed.

“The instructor pilot got the authority,” the document cited Lee as stating in broken English. “Even (if) I am on the left (captain’s) seat, that is very hard to explain, that is our culture.”

The bottom line, he stated, was he mentioned he had been concerned he might possibly “fail his flight and would be embarrassed,” as stated by the report. Therefore he chose to proceed with  the landing as alerts sounded around him.

Both of the aircraft pilots made an effort to rev up the speed at the final moment, however they were unsuccessful.

“About 11 seconds prior to impact, an audible alert consistent with the low airspeed caution was recorded,” Bill English, the investigator responsible for the NTSB inquiry, stated during the hearing. “But the action was too late, and the main gear of the underside of the aft fuselage struck the seawall.”

“The lowest recorded airspeed was 103 knots, which was 34 knots below the desired airspeed of 137 knots,” English mentioned.

NTSB Chairwoman Deborah Hersman revealed to correspondents it appeared that there had been “an issue in aviation” with cockpit automation as well as depending on autopilots to fly airplanes, however she explained the agency did not instantly intend to issue any sort of recommendations coming from the hearing.

It may still issue new recommendations at some point during the course of the investigation, which may take over a year to finish.

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