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Video – Costa Rica Sloth Giving Woman a Flower

Costa Rica News – Around Costa Rica you are able to experience some of the world’s most exotic and cutest animals.  Animals in Costa Rica can be seen almost around every bend in the road.  

When driving to Playa Jaco from San Jose, I usually pass 15 to 20 cars stopped on the side of road taking snap shots of the memories that these animals are providing them and their families.

This can be them seeing a white faced monkey jumping from tree to tree for the first time, Scarlet Macaws perched in the trees or spreading their beautiful wings and displaying their colors to the onlooking tourists, a large iguana sunbathing on a rock or an anteater foraging for its lunch.

The video below occurred at the sloth sanctuary a facility that advocates the protection and rehabilitation of sloths in recovery, specifically through the study, research and exchange of knowledge that facilitates the development of scientific information for Costa Rica’s two species of sloths the “Three-fingered sloth” and “Two-fingered” sloth.

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