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Vehicles Asked to Use Alternate Routes to the General Cañas Highway

Costa Rica News – Costa Rica try not to use this on Monday by any means possible! It seems the Costa Rica government and road authority will be doing another quick fix on the General Cañas highway that connects Alejuela and the airport to San Jose.  It has been closed since Friday due to the fact that rains caused another dip in the road construction.  Just some knowledge for all the Costa Ricans racking their brains on this, it is rainy season, there is going to be rain and water, so you might want to take that into effect. 

General Cañas HighwayDue to this closing until Tuesday at 5am if you are in the need to travel to San Jose via that route, I do not recommend going on Monday.

The closure of the highway due to repairs performed by the National Highway Council (Conavi), to place two bailey bridges, after the lane Alajuela-San José sense presented a small collapse due to rain the previous Wednesday.

“From the 1 p. m, this route is the one that has caused problems for drivers, we are trying to control the situation to avoid chaos, “said Herrera.

He said that it is important that drivers take into consideration the alternative routes, especially on Monday.

“The situation requires more than 90,000 drivers of vehicles passing through there every day to travel alternate routes, especially during peak hours,” said Herrera.

As alternative routes, the authorities ask to use the Radial Coyol on Route 27,  the bridge Francisco J. Orlich, or the radial Santa Ana-Belen, Conservatorio Castella and John Paul II bridge. I however think that you should just not go to San Jose on Monday as it will take hours.

Herrera said that at least 40 troops are controlling the passage along the highway and suggested alternate routes.

“The road will be fully closed from 10 pm and opened the San Jose-Alajuela sense at 5am this as a security for staff working in the works, while the placement ends of bridges,” said Traffic the hierarch.

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