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Vanity Has a Price; Costa Rican Woman & Mother Dies From Butt Implant Complication

Costa Rica News – Vanity does have a price. What do you say to children left without a mother due to complication from an butt implant? Cosmetic surgery anywhere can be dangerous and the desire to change your outer appearance can be your death sentence.

butt implantA woman who was a mother of three children died on Wednesday night due to a complication that occurred after undergoing plastic surgery on her buttocks. This woman, Vivian Delgado Arguedas, was only 30 years old.

The surgery was performed in a private clinic in Tibás. She suffered a condition that required being transferred to a major medical center, Calderon Guardia Hospital. She arrived there at 10 pm and then experienced cardiac arrest and died.

No reports of wrongdoing have been submitted as of yet. An autopsy is to be performed at the Judicial Morgue in San Joaquin de Flores, Heredia. More details about what caused the complications are expected to come from it.

The medical center’s administrator stated that all protocols had been met and that at no time did anything out of protocol happen.

Previously, the CCSS has treated two patients with infections after cosmetic buttocks surgery.

In April 2013, one patient died after surgery to enlarge her buttocks. The death occurred 76 days after the surgery when an infection produced pints of pus to gather in the buttocks. Her leg was amputated but it was too late as the bacteria contaminated her blood.


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