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Vacation Package Scam Victims Seeking to Recover Investment

Another example of the worthless Costa Rican legal system protecting the scammers that swarm this country is a vacation scam that occurred over 5 years ago.  It has been over 5 years and they are just now doing a preliminary hearing, which will result in guess what, “nothing.”  Even if the case goes to trial and if they find these unethical people guilty they will have spent all the money they stole and the people will still never see a penny of their funds again. 

A total of 161 people, as reported that were affected by a scam several years ago with fake vacation packages seek to recover the money.

In court rooms 2 and 3 in the Courts of San Jose a preliminary hearing to determine whether the case of the travel agency Antur be raised to judgment. Most likely if it is determined there are now no assets to go after 5 years later and since the accused have had good forewarning of the trial this will be the case, the case will be thrown out.

In this case, the victims seek to obtain ¢ 81 million they allegedly were “stolen” to the 161 affected in amounts ranging from $ 100 to $ 7,000, reported the press office of the Attorney General.

One of those affected, Danilo Garita Jones, he hoped to recover ¢ 150,000 it paid for, presumably, take a trip on a cruise.

The injured explained that in 2007 he was invited by the travel company Antur to attend a dinner they had “won” a free ride. In social activity, he said took place in a luxury hotel in the capital and live music, told her to make a sum of money for administrative costs. “I gave ¢ 150,000, which was all he had, and then told me to give a time because some problems appeared and so I was taking until I put the complaint in the Office” ralató Garita.

In this case, five suspects, four men surname Font, Alvarado, Malpartida and Matamoros, and a woman surnamed Paez. The preliminary hearing until 27 July.

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