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USA Keeping Location of Costa Rica Soccer Game Quiet

Costa Rica News – The United States is keeping the location of its match against Costa Rica a complete secret, if they have even decided it yet. They will receive the Ticos on September 1st and the match will be important for the final standing.

The October 6th game against Panama has already been officialized to be held in Orlando.

In each of the nine eliminatory matches the Ticos played in the U.S., they have been at different venues. By rule, the U.S. has until the end of this month to indicate where the match will be held.

The rumor was that it would be in New Jersey, where there are thousands of Costa Ricans living. That would be a great support. Other cities that have been cited as possible venues include Dallas and Chicago.

They think that the U.S. doesn’t want to play them in the snow again, as in Denver. The Ticos hope to hear something soon so they can start the logistics for the team and so fans can do so as well.

Current Positions

1. Mexico, 14 points

2. Costa Rica, 11

3. EE. US 8

4. Panama, 7

5. Honduras, 5

6. T & Tobago, 3

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