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US Retired Soldier Found Dead & Remains Burned in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – (QCostaRica) – A U.S. citizen and veteran, 72 year old Robert Stewart, who apparently lived alone on his luxurious villa in Ojo de Agua de Grifo Alto de Puriscal, was found with several gunshots and indications his remains had been partially burned.

us soldier killed in costa ricaArea residents say Stewart had been living in the area for about 12 years, arriving from his native Hawaii, telling La Nacion they were surprised at what had happened in this small quiet community.

Fernando Porras, living some 150 meters from the Stewart home, said that it was normal to hear at night gunshots coming from his neighor.

Police responding to the scene said they found Stewart’s two dogs, a Belgian Shepherd named Shakira and a Doberman named Ron, guarding the property.

A regular visitor to QCostaRica sent along this note:

This saddens me.”Hawaii Bob” was a good friend of mine. He was well liked and had many friends. I knew of his struggles in life although I never thought he would end his life.

He was a wonderful person who would do anything for you and always had a smile to share. He will be missed by many.

Linda K.

Another visitor, John S. told the Q, that “Bob” was a Veteran that suffered from PTSD and was under doctors care.

John says:

“His girlfriend stopped by his house and couldn’t find him so she called some friends who then notified the OIJ. The investigation could reveal that it was in fact a suicide. Family members in the states have been notified and will be coming to Costa Rica.”

From QCsotaRica

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