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US Military Ships to Fight Drug War in Costa Rica Waters?

Costa Rica News – President Luis Guillermo Solis says that he is willing to collaborate with the United States in fighting the war against drugs. The US has recently petitioned the Costa Rican government to allow warships into the country’s waters.

us warships in costa ricaThe current agreement, created in 1999, allows National Coast Guard boats, but not warships, to transit freely.

The topic is being considered because article 121 of the country’s political constitution authorizes congressmen to approve transit of warships and entrance of foreign troops if the need arises. The local congressmen seem to be split on the decision of whether or not to allow the US military ships to transit Costa Rican waters.

Various political figures, especially PAC party leaders, say that they are not open to discussion on the issue and will vote against the action. The Christian Democratic Association on the other hand called her fellow legislators to ask them to vote in favor of the law.

Solis believes the US government when they say that the Coast Guard is not sufficient enough to fight the war on drugs on their own. He has stated that the war on drugs is a very important one and the Costa Rican government should work with international officials to help however they can.


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