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Unnata Aerial Yoga in Costa Rica!

Costa Rica News – For all of you all that have never experienced Unnata Aerial Yoga then you are in for an experience in Costa Rica.  Flying Fitness Studio is offering your first class for free to try this type of yoga out for yourself.  

It’s pronounced “oooo (rhymes with zoo)-NOT-ahhh.” What is Unnata? It’s the newest way to enjoy yoga-using a silk hammock! This is used as a tool to help achieve yoga positions. Unnata is a word that means “elevated” and after a class you will certainly feel elevated in your mind and body. This combines traditional yoga and aerial acrobat training on a soft fabric trapeze. It will keep you fit while having fun!

For a long time we have known that yoga is a calming activity involving stretching, breathing, and letting go of stress. It’s teachers say that it can even help you to see the world in a different and more positive way and increase your self control of thoughts and emotions. Whether it is for you just a fun exercise, a spiritual experience, or a life changing activity, yoga will be taken to the next level if you try Unnata Aerial Yoga.

The circus hammock is used to support your weight while holding your body in traditional yoga positions. This can help you understand and advance through the positions faster and in a safe way. There is very little stress on your body in this type of yoga leaving more room for learning and processing.

Some added benefits include improving flexibility and learning skills which are transferable to other physical activities. Perhaps the best part is that it will forge deep breathing which creates a peaceful attitude and greater mental flexibility.

Unnata Aerial Yoga is only offered at the Flying Fitness Studio in Escazu at this time.  Flying Fitness Studio offers Unnata Aerial yoga, Pole Fitness, TRX training, The Bar Workout, Dance, Thai Massage and Customized Fitness Plans.  Enjoy your first class for free to try them out.

Flying Fitness Studio Facebook Page –

Address – Plaza Florencia, 10203 Escazú, Costa Rica
Phone – 87064388 cell, 22894960 studio
Email[email protected]

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