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University of Costa Rica Has 100s of Openings for Students Not Used

Costa Rica News – There is limited space at the University of Costa Rica yet each year 100s of the spaces for new students wind up not being used.

UCR costa ricaAt the last minute accepted students often decide against enrolling.

Since 2011, 21 percent of expected freshmen don’t enroll in any class, according to the Office of Registration and Information.

There are also over 200 spaces never given out because the specific careers are in low demand.

Some of the reasons why students back out of going to the university include getting a scholarship to a school abroad, deciding on another college, getting married, and not being able to pay for the classes.

Public universities always seek to increase enrollment in order to receive a Special Fund for Higher Education. Some enrollment gaps are filled by offering deferred tuition to those with low income, including those from indigenous territories.

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