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United States Provides $800,000 to Improve CR Prison Security, Huh?

Well the USA is showing that it  is using the tax payers money stupidly again.  Even with proof that the many sectors of the Costa Rica government is stuffing its pockets in anyway it can with the border road and cutting corners all through out its hierarchy the USA has decided to throw even more money in the corrupted trash can called the Costa Rica government.

The U.S. government will contribute $ 800,000, to improve safety in Costa Rican jails of which probably $600,000 will go into the pockets of government officials.

Ferraro Fernando, Minister of Justice, said the money will be used especially in training and equipment for staff working in prisons.

He added that, as part of the improvement plan a group of 20 officials of Social Rehabilitation will be traveling in the coming weeks to the states of Nebraska and Maryland, USA, for training in the management of prisons.

He said that the prison workers, including police and school-will be in two groups of five and a ten, and stay a week. The idea is that completion of this step, be resent to other representatives and make this training program to be permanent. I would love to be a fly on the wall of a class taught by a USA teacher for Costa Rican government officials.  They will need their 9 am coffee and break break, lunch break, 3 pm coffee break, and the classes cannot extend past 5 pm ever.

Ferraro noted that the management for help came after the May 11, 2011, there was the failed escape of the prisoner Johel Araya Ramirez of La Reforma prison in Alajuela.

“He spoke to the U.S. government and an agreement was signed. The plan began in January when it began to make a diagnosis of the situation, especially of the Reformation, every time I came the U.S. experts to visit other prisons, “he added.

The U.S. Embassy in our country said, meanwhile, that aid is being provided by Central Regional Security Initiative (CARSI, for its acronym in English).

It was reported that the plan includes a visit of experts who provide advice and support the team that developed the reforms.

The U.S. ambassador, Anne Andrew, said the important thing is that this program is helping to improve the prisons to make them safer and more effective in Costa Rica, respecting the human rights of prisoners.

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