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United Nations Chipping In to Protect Costa Rican Wetlands

Costa Rica News – There’s great news for the wetlands here in Costa Rica. The United Nations’ Global Environmental Fund just approved a program that will benefit the conservation and sustainability of 11 protected wetlands in Costa Rica.

costa rica wetlandsThe Ministry of Environment and Energy (MINAE) announced that the UN allocated $3.7 million to this cause. The Deputy Minister of Environment, Ana Lorena Guevara, said, “Thanks to this initiative, one can expect valuable resources that will allow, in the coming years, important improvement in the generation of knowledge and tools for management, monitoring and conservation of the country’s wetlands.”

Pilot projects will be developed to create a culture of sustainable usage of these biodiverse areas, while maintaining the protected lands. These lands are of international importance, because 4.5% of the world’s biodiversity lives in Costa Rica, at least for now.

The plan will include ecological monitoring systems and educational initiatives to increase public awareness of the wetlands. Part of the money allocated will go to paying incentives to private landowners to reduce threats to the wetlands.

10% of Costa Rica (5,000 square km) is covered by wetlands. While 600 distinct wetlands have been identified, only 350 are managed by MINAE. This ministry seeks to give protection to an additional 12,063 hectares shortly.

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