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Unfair Competition? Taxis Plan To Hire Someone to Block Uber in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – The UCT, the Costa Rican Union of Taxi Drivers, is seeking someone who is a professional in all things internet related. Specifically they want someone who can tell them if it’s possible from a technical aspect to block the Uber app throughout the country.

computer hackerRuben Vargas, UCT president, explained that on the organization’s Facebook the ad was placed for hiring this person, who could be considered a software engineer or fall under various other professional titles.

The person would be responsible for helping the legal team to prepare a lawsuit against the State, not necessarily to close the application. They are seeking technical advice to clarify whether blocking it is even possible.

There is no money yet to fund the salary of the person but resources will be sought among taxi drivers. The UCT is preparing to ask for ¢42 million in compensation for each driver for damages caused by Uber.

This figure comes from multiplying the annual salary by ten years, which is the number of years each taxi is granted permission to operate.

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